Uroš Resnik

Printing, leather and history. Medieval printing works at Bled castle.

I can introduce myself as a medieval printer who performes the use of Gutenberg’s invention, which is the basis of modern printing and which changed the world. I found the location for the presentation at Bled Castle, where I enrich the visit with a presentation of medieval printing in the Castle Printing Works, which is dedicated to Primož Trubar, who is credited for the existence of the first Slovenian printed book.

I also love designing and making leather goods and respect every bit of the material I try to use for a meaningful and useful mission. I am also involved in the production of books based on natural (cotton) paper and covered in leather, as well as souvenir magnets with symbols of J.V. Valvazor and other practical things.

Welcome to my medieval print shop at Bled Castle, or hop over to my e-shop.

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email: bledcastle.works@gmail.com
tel/whatsap: 00386/31 231 308