Tour guiding

Tour guides

Best of the best is alway hard to find. But we can assure you that we have prepared a selection of guides who will always do their best to make things run as they should.

We are ready to adapt and listen to the wishes of the guests, coordinate the program in the current situation and always strive for the satisfaction of the whole group.

To be able to enter the circle of our community, each guide must meet the following conditions;

– tourguide licence
– honesty
– dedication to work
– commitment to the program
– nice character
– responsibilty
– a high level of morality, ethics and compassion


Through our gathered knowledge and experiences, we prepare a reasonable program according to your wishes, where we will include all the main attractions and on the way or in a destination included less known sightseeing points, which would be a shame to miss. We arrange restaurant reservations, boat transport, travel itinerary and more.

For the creation of the program and timeline, the payment for the service is paid at the selected guide.

TIP: Every guided tour is a unique author’s work and every author’s work requires a lot of improvisation, solving unpredictable things, mastering and acting in unpredictable situations. The guide’s job is to do this as best he can, without affecting the guests. If the guide solves an unenviable situation, even a symbolic tip gives him new courage, self-confidence and joy in work.



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