Society Kadet

Society of culture, agronomy, ecology and tourism

How did it start?

Through years of work and volunteering in societies, the mission of the Kadet society was born as an response to the question; “Why not and how to establish a society that’s based on non-material values”.

Through the love of nature, history and ancient Slovenian mythology, our biggest project was born, the idea of ​​reconstruction of the pagan settlement – Toče village.


About our souls

Kadet is an association that is existing since 2013 and is active in many areas and activities in various fields. The main idea is to become the “first open self-sufficient ranch”, where the method of self-sufficiency would take care of the entire cycle of food production, and at the same time with the Toče vas program, provide entertainment and learning in the embrace of nature. Check our video, which in short represents our idea.

This is our main goal as the external image of the society. But to achieve it, we still need quite a bit of networking, money and also time, help and ideas.
Therefore, we direct our members, whom we help to promote, which we do well with our networking, to creativity and support in all ways all kinds of artistic expression and help with promotion.

The society itself is an non-profit organisation, which does manage to finance itself.

At the moment, we are still “hanging” on donations of good will, from our members, so that the organisation can exist and slovly coming to a realisation of it’s mission. This is also a security, that the society must do all it can in the best possible form of itself. We try always to do the right thing.

However, if you like the idea and would like to support it financially, thank you in advance!
All donations will receive a unique number, which will be engraved in the thank-you board at the location Toče vas, publication on the home page and fb! Of course, when we arrive at our destination. Until then, however, the battle is being fought for survival, family and each with their evil uncles from the background, yet supporting the engine of the system, which has long been in defekt.

We admit that we haven’t received a donation yet, but sometimes we just need to ask the universe …

p.s. dear universe, we would need around 50.000 and 100.000 € untill all will be finished like we are visualizing. For the 2% of the population, not even worth mentioned amount. For us, the necessity of existance as we know what we can do with it. 🙂

B.A.Nr.: si56 6100 0000 6435 618
Society Kadet

The picture is symbolic, but it shows, what we are looking for to create.

Toče village

..when Valjhun captured Ajdovski Gradec and Črtomir made his way to Sava Bohinjka, he swam across the river at one point and on the other side he gathered the scattered members of the old religion. In the safe shelter of the bushes and the defense of the water, they buried the first cornerstone of the new village, called Toče vas.

Our bigest project; Toče village!



Kadet – Toče village

Open: after program – 2023/24

8am – 8pm

Bohinj, Slovenija, EU