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K.A.D.E.T. – since 2013

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Toče village

..when Valjhun captured Ajdovski Gradec and Črtomir made his way to the Sava Bohinjka, he swam across the river at one point and on the other side, then on the island, gathered scattered members of the old religion. In the safe shelter of the bushes and the defense of the water, they buried the first cornerstone of the new village, called Toče village. And this is where our story begins.

Join us and become part of the story!

We are always looking for new people who would add a new link in the chain to the community with their hobbies, knowledge and creativity. Join us and leave your mark on the project!

Toče vas – CLOSED!

Open: after program – start 2023/24

8am – 8pm

Bohinj, Slovenija, EU


26.10.2022 – Wednesday – 17.30 – 18.00
Workshop – Anastazijart

23.10.2022 – Sunday – 12.00 – 18.00
Workshop – Anastazijart

16.10.2022 – @17.30.
Workshop – Anastazijart



Medieval festival – Titmuning

31.5 – 5.6.2022

Medieval days!

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